About 'Which Tee?'

I like t-shirts. You probably do too, otherwise you wouldn't be here. That's why I built this site.

First up, there's quite a few sites that do daily t-shirts now. So, I wanted to start tracking them. I also wanted to track all the normal t-shirts available to buy from other places too. And then I wanted to be able to search them. Ultimately, that's what you're going to be able to do here.

There's a whole load of work to be done to get to that point though, but you never know, I might get there.

Which Tee uses affiliate links wherever possible to cover costs and to allow me to buy more t-shirts for myself.

Contact Me

Just email me for now. You can get hold of me at whichtee@neilcrosby.com

What's the site built on?

Yeah, you probably don't care about this part, but I also built the site to poke at a few things that I'd not poked at a huge amount before. Primarily, that means ElasticSearch. That's right, the whole site is a big old frontend to a wonderfully searchable datastore.

Other than that, the site's a PHP (the right way) jobby, developed on Vagrant boxes provisioned with Puppet.

I use DigitalOcean for hosting. They're nice; you should give them a go.